When it comes to choosing an insurance policy, you want to be as knowledgeable as possible so you can make the best decisions.


Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for insurance.


When making a claim with your insurance company, be proactive in receiving updates and information about the progress of your claim.


You could be in for a long wait if you merely wait for the insurance company to notify you how much they owe you. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, as the saying goes.


Insurance, like any other profession, employs a plethora of specialized terms (indemnification, liability, etc.) so, if you don’t understand something about insurance you’re considering purchasing, STOP.


Ask the insurance professional you’re speaking with to back up their claims and explain them in layman’s terms. If you still don’t understand, ask them to explain it again. Nothing is worse than agreeing to a policy that is either too expensive or inadequate because you did not feel comfortable asking questions about it beforehand.


If you have had to make repeated insurance claims, odds are you already have a sense of good and bad adjusters.


Good adjusters are approachable and appear trustworthy and credible. However, don’t mistake the “good guy” for someone who wants to give you all of the money from the insurance company. Their goal is to be the friendly, human face of the insurance industry while reducing their payout to you. It’s not cruel; it’s just business, and it should be remembered.