If you’re looking for an insurance plan that can give you peace of mind in the long-run, long-term care insurance may be a great choice for you! However, you may be wondering what the difference is between long-term care insurance and life insurance is. Let us break it down for you.


The difference between long-term care and life insurance

Long-term care insurance is specifically designed to cover support (not just financial support) in the long term. This support can include personal and/or custodial care in your home, a community environment, or any other medical facility. Furthermore, those who invest in a long-term care insurance policy are reimbursed daily (up to a limit they pre-select) for the range of care options they choose from that are needed every day.

The expenses related to this kind of care policy are based on the policy holder’s age when they purchase the policy, the amount that they’d like the policy to pay out each day, the number of days the policy will pay, and any additional benefits that may be chosen to add onto the policy. Keep in mind that if you are already experiencing poor health, you may not qualify for long-term care insurance or you may qualify for just a limited coverage policy.

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